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Is Your Smart Meter Dangerous?

Have you experienced in odd, unexplained symptoms recently, such as

Smart meter

insomnia, hair loss, chronic pain, or anxiety? Perhaps you’ve even reported these symptoms to your doctor, but he or she could not identify a cause for your problems. These complaints, along with other unexplained symptoms, have become more common in recent years. And many people say the symptoms appeared abruptly after their power company installed a smart meter in their homes.

While electric companies maintain that smart meters are harmless, and even aid in cost reduction, some experts disagree. Dr Ronald Powell, a scientist retired from the US Government (who holds a PhD in Physics from Harvard, by the way) says:

The RF/Microwave radiation from Wireless Smart Meters is particularly threatening to health because that radiation is so persistent and so powerful. [Com Ed and other] power companies like to fool the public by saying, ‘Look these Smart Meters just transmit 6 times a day.’ Well, that is just misleading. That may be how many times they transmit your data, but they are a relay station for all the other Smart Meters in the neighborhood. And they all interact with each other and send each other timing signals and all kinds of stuff… Furthermore, the power level of each pulse is about 1,000 milliwatts, placing Wireless Smart Meters among the most powerful RF radiators likely to be present in a residential environment.”

Dr Powell’s opinion provides a stark contrast to the common assertion that smart meters only transmit a weak signal a few times per day. Other experts concur. Dr David Carpenter, a Harvard-educated public health physician and leading expert on electromagnetic fields, says that smart meters have not been proven safe for use in our homes. He also points to convincing evidence that exposure to this type of radiation can damage

the nervous system, adversely affect the reproductive organs, and even increase the risk of cancer. You can hear more from Dr Carpenter in this video:

In some areas of the country, electric companies provide an “opt out” program, under which you can pay extra to keep your old meter. But there are other ways to avoid harm from the electromagnetic field produced by smart meters. A Southern California Company recently launched an innovative solution to the Smart Meter health problem. The Smart Meter Defender will enable families to safeguard themselves from the constant exposure to radiation from their smart meters. Contact us for more information about the Smart Meter Defender and how you can protect your family by neutralizing the radiation in your home.

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