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Electromagnetic Fields Can Harm Pets, Too

We talk a lot about electromagnetic fields, and how they could possibly harm your health or endanger your children. But there’s another member of your family who could be harmed by this invisible health hazard: Your pets!

Dogs Naturally, a popular pet enthusiast magazine and website, recently discussed this very issue in an online article. It looks like EMFs could impact your dog’s health in numerous ways:

“Despite the many wonderful conveniences of electrical technology, the effects of EMF on biological tissue remains the most controversial aspect of the EMF issue with virtually all scientists agreeing that more research is necessary to determine safe or dangerous levels. Iron, necessary for healthy blood and stored in the brain, is highly effected by EMF. The permeability of the cell membrane of our nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other organs is affected. The intricate DNA of the chromosomes has been shown to be effected by EMFs as well.”

So where are EMFs coming from, and how can you protect yourself, your family, and your pets? EMFs come from sources all around us, such as:

  • your cell phone

  • fluorescent lights

  • your wifi router

  • electric clocks

  • and other electronic devices

Some solutions are fairly simple. For example, fluorescent lights produce much more electromagnetic energy than incandescent bulbs. So, making different lighting choices can lower the amount of EMFs around you.

Clocks, wifi routers, and other electronic devices give off electromagnetic fields reaching up to about three feet, so it’s best to position them away from areas that you spend a lot of time. Place your clock on the other side of the room, sit more than six feet away from the television, and so on. But as you decide where to place these appliances, you might want to consider your pets as well. Dogs and cats are creatures of habit, so it’s a good idea not to position such devices near their usual sleeping or lounging spots.

As for your cell phone, if you’re like most people you keep it nearby at all times. There are several ways to reduce the EMFs emitted by your phone, but the most thorough method is to neutralize the energy altogether. A proven solution is to place a GIA Cell Guard on your phone which will reduce the negative impact of EMFs and keep you safe.

For more information about cell phone safety and what you can do within your home to reduce the exposure to EMF’s for your family and pets, contact me.

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