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Business Partners / Holistic Health Associates 

Below are just a few of my business partners / holistic health associates that are all dedicated to one thing: Helping you achieve a life of balance; physically, emotionally and financially and to live your very best life NOW by combining a fully comprehensive and one-of-a-kind THRIVE in 3 wellness program along with doing something significant for others.  

The business partners listed below are successful business professionals and/or provide various health modalities that can also be very useful in helping you achieve your health / life goals.  So please review the list and contact the person that is either closest to you and/or the one that you best resonate with.

If you would like to learn what being apart of the Thrive by Design Wellness team could mean for you, please click here to learn more.

Dr. Grant is based in the Chicago area and has been helping people achieve optimal health, naturally, for over 15 years. She is not only a Naturopathic doctor, but she is a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist and Educator.

Dr. Grant specializes in the areas Hydration & Electro-pollution and has been educating and empowering families to THRIVE in this wireless age for over 16 years now, and with amazing results!

She resides in Chicago with her family.

Dr. Priscilla Grant, ND - Sr. Partner

Naturopathic Doctor

Quantum Biofeedback Specialist

Priscilla Grant ND
Lynda Cormier-Hanser - Sr. Partner

GIA's Co-Founder/Co-CEO

Inspirational Writer/Speaker

Published Auther

Personal Development Coach

Lynda is a highly sought after sales and leadership executive, professional speaker and published author whose extensive career includes being CO-CEO of an international multi-million dollar wellness company. Lynda inspires audiences of all ages, as she engages each person with wisdom, humor and care. She will leave you with more than momentary inspiration, your life will be enriched, your confidence enhanced and your vision of the future filled with possibility.

John Williams... AKA Mr. Freedom! - Sr. Partner

Business Leader / Coach

Hydration and Electropollution Specialist

Founder of the iFitZone

John brings over 20 years of experience in the Health and Wellness industry and is the creator of The iFit Zone. As a consultant, he’s help thousands of people discover cutting edge products and technologies that have profoundly improved their overall health and well being.

John’s corporate and small business background and expertise in the Referral Marketing Industry gives him a unique perspective about building and managing a successful social media driven enterprise.

His passion is all about helping individuals create freedom in their lives that is the result of having a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy finances all in balance.

He resides in Henderson Nevada with his wife Chris.

Donald Toomim, LMT, CR, CPM

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hydration and Electropollution Specialist

Since 1991 Donald has been studying physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Many times, physical tension in the muscular system will not respond to just a massage technique, and in those instances we need to look deeper to find any emotional or spiritual issues that are holding the tension.

Spiritual is not just about a relationship to God, it can be about how we view ourselves and the difference we are able to make with others in our work, relationships, and daily lives. This impacts our point of view. Frustrations between how we would like to be and how we are can manifest in our physical body in tension, stress, and sometimes pain and functional diseases.

Through many innovative techniques, Donald is able to assess and facilitate the release of these tensions and support vitality with physical and mental clarity.

Donald resides in Beaverton, Oregon with his wife.

You can learn more about Donald or contact him by visiting his website.

Lori Weiner

Owner, The Pet Hotel at Barkingham Palace

Certified Animal Naturopath  

Bio coming soon.

Please check back to see more partners...

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