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Are You Protecting Yourself From Electromagnetic Radiation? And FREE GIA Cell Guard Giveaway!

It has become common knowledge that electromagnetic radiation, emitted by

cell phones and other

wireless electronic devices,

can be harmful to our

health. We can’t see it, but

that cloud of radiation has

been scientifically studied, time and again, and documented to cause medical

problems. With these devices all around us, it makes sense that someone

would innovate a way to deal with those negative side effects!

When our patented Cell Guard detects electromagnetic radiation, it releases

its own field of bio-friendly energy. That energy is specifically designed to

neutralize the cloud of radiation around your cell phone and other devices, so

that you can use them safely. The radiation doesn’t harm you, and the bio-

friendly energy emitted by the Cell Guard won’t disrupt your cell signal. Your

devices function as normal, but without harming your health.

But… it’s invisible!

You might wonder how all of this could be possible. After all, you don’t see

anything happening.

Consider the example of a magnet. It looks like an ordinary, nondescript

object. You don’t see or feel anything special happening. But when you place

another magnet or a piece of metal next to it, now there is a reaction!

Not all energy can be seen or felt directly. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t

there, or that it isn’t having a direct effect on other objects around us. In the

case of electromagnetic radiation, it can be affecting every cell of our bodies

– to the point that bothersome symptoms and even serious illnesses such as

cancer will develop.

Much like the magnet example, our patented Cell Guard doesn’t look like

anything special to the naked eye. But it provides your body with valuable

protection against electromagnetic radiation. the bio-friendly energy protects

each cell in your body, so that you can use wireless devices without worrying

about the effects of radiation. It’s no wonder so many people are using them

to protect themselves and their families!

Check out the following short video to learn how the GIA Cell Guard works.

by iFit Zone Team

Learn more more about the GIA Cell Guard technology or contact me and I'll be happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease when it comes to using your cell phone safely.


Bonnie Ellen

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