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Bonnie Ellen, CRTS, LSH

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

Certified Raindrip Technique Specialist
Licensed Spiritual Healer
Chemical Free Living, Hydration and Electropollution Specialist

Member of the iFitZone Team

Hi, I'm Bonnie Ellen, the owner and driving force behind Thrive by Design Wellness (TBDW).  I'm a God-fearing woman, animal lover (I have two beautiful dogs and love to resuce animals in need), enjoy being in nature and am a dedicated single stay-at-home mom to my beautiful son.

Let me get right to the point...


In short, my mission is to help protect families -- especially children, who are most vulnerable, from from the dangers of Electromagetic radiation (EMR) and educate, coach, inspire, and empower others to thrive by design - not only physically, but financially!

Keep reading if you'd like to know a little more....  :)


I was born in Arizona, but grew up in Northern California.  Moved to Southern California in the late 90's to finally end up in the Palms Springs area in 2003.

I quite my corporate job in 2009 with no idea of what I was going to do.  However, I did know one thing. I wanted something better for my life than working long stressful hours just to build someone else’s dreams. Almost immediately, as an answer to prayer, I was introduced to an amazing health and wellness company, that I still proudly work with to this day, that helped people use nature’s medicine and live chemical free lives.  I was intrigued and within a very short time after joining forces with them I was feeling better than ever and free from my medication for rheumatoid arthritis.  

After experiencing such profound results for not only myself, but my pets too, with my healthier and “green” way of living, I became fascinated with the whole chemical / drug free lifestyle that I dedicated my time to learning, growing and helping people, and their pets, improve their quality of lives through prevention, chemical free living and natural therapies / techniques.  I not only became a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist and Licensed Spiritual Healer, but I also became a student to the home based business industry.


For the first time in my life I was finally my own boss, loving what I was doing and making a positive difference in countless lives.  I found my calling.  Yes, I was building my dreams and financial future through residual income.  And I've never worked another J.O.B. since.

A few years later in January 2015, I discovered the company that would forever change my life -- GIA Wellness.   After learning about the dangers of EMR and it's negative effect upon all human, animal and plant life, and the only patented solution - as seen on The Truth About Cancer, I immediately got myself and son protected -- I couldn't believe the positive changes I personally experienced, and almost immediately, after incorporating these amazing products/technologies into my life.  Even with my already healthy life style, I was experiencing significant improvements in the way I was looking and feeling.  


As I continued to study and research I knew in my heart that addressing EMR was not only a foundational health issue, but the missing link to helping people obtain optimal health and wellness.  And that more than ever people needed to be addressing their financial health as well as their physical health.


It is my desire to see as many people as possible experience "Inspired Wellness" - a life of physical, mental and financial wellness.  




If you've tried "everything" and you're still not getting the health results you want...


If you'd like to take your fitness results to the next level...


If you'd like to look and feel years younger, lose weight, experience true hydration, etc...


And/or if you'd like to join me and take back your freedom, I'd love to hear from you!

May you “prosper and be in health...”  


May you thrive by design!

Health & Blessings, 

Bonnie Ellen  :)

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