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A Holistic Way to Improving Your
Health and Overall Well-being

Are you ready to look younger, feel younger and truly THRIVE?

Hello and Welcome!  My name is Bonnie Ellen and it is my mission to not only help you achieve POWERFUL and VISIBLE HEALTH and WELLNESS RESULTS,  but to truly THRIVE in this toxic wireless age through EDUCATION, INSPIRATION and by harnessing the power and benefit of NATURE and TECHNOLOGY!

In order to truly thrive one need’s to live with “Inspired wellness.” Inspired Wellness is living a lifestyle that not only helps you achieve optimal health with highly effective hydration, vibrant energy and potent quality nutrition.  It also includes a path to financial well-being, of personal growth and lifelong learning.  All of which are so needed in our stress filled lives.

Have you ever wondered why so many people, including children, are suffering with sicknesses and diseases at an alarming rate?  Well, one of the main reason is poor diet choices and the other is toxic overload.  According to the University of Columbia...


 “95% of all cancer is due to diet and the accumulation of toxins.”


It is truly wonderful that more and more people are becoming aware of and taking action to protect themselves and their families from the toxic, cancer causing chemicals that are plaguing our water, air, food and personal care products.  But sadly most people, including health care professionals, are completely overlooking and/or don’t know what to do about the most prevalent and invisible toxin that all human, animal and plant life is negatively being impacted by 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 


So what is this invisible toxin I’m talking about?


It’s the non-ionizing radiation or Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that is being emitted from all our favorite gadgets; cell phones, cordless phones, i-pads, computers, etc.  One of the most pervasive and invasive components of EMR is ‘Smart Meters’.  Another is those lovely cell towers that they’ve tried to make look innocent by decorating to look like a tree.

Children are especially vulnerable to EMR!

We love our technology and couldn’t imagine living without the convenience of Wi-Fi or our smart phones, but the sad reality is that this convenience comes at a very, very high price.      


Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has
produced in this century.”

– Dr. Andrew Weil


If you truly value your health and that of your children and truly want to live a quality of life, I encourage you to take the time to get the facts on how being exposed to microwave radiation 24/7 is impacting your health and overall well-being.  Electromagnetic radiation dangers are serious and they're real.    


But WAIT... If you already suffer from electro-sensitivity and/or just can’t imagine giving up technology and moving to a Wi-Fi free zone, there’s good news!  You don’t have to give up technology in order to THRIVE in the 21st century.   Real, proven and patented SOLUTIONS do exist.  

"Smart technology is Safe technology!"

-- Bonnie Ellen

My partners and I are here to help you:

  • Regain and/or take your health to a whole new level.

  • Achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Get the edge on your fitness goals.

  • Help you detox, de-Stress and look and feel years younger.

  • Truly THRIVE in this toxic wireless world.

Life can be an amazing journey filled with health, happiness and abundance -- whatever that means to you.  Don’t settle for mediocre health or a mediocre life...

You can “PROSPER and be in HEALTH”

You can TRHIVE

Health & Blessings,

Bonnie Ellen ;)

Bonnie Ellen

Are You Ready 2TRHIVE?

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