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Enjoy a FREE GIALife Pendant LITE with any GIA Order or Enrollment Pack of $499 or more! Ends July 31, 2016!

No, this is not a typo: For the ENTIRE month of July, anybody placing an order (or enrolling in GIA with a package of $499 or more) will receive a GIALife Pendant Lite - absolutely for FREE. That's more than $150 in Retail Value absolutely FREE!


The GIAlife Pendant LITE features a convenient and user-friendly lightweight plastic housing and features the GIAlife logo on the pendant's face. Once you receive your FREE Pendant LITE, you can retail it to your customers and thereby leverage the power of the GIA Abundance Plan, or you can simply enjoy the Pendant LITE yourself, or as a gift, or use it as a demo-product for presentations, expos, etc.! Simply put, YOU are in the driver's seat as to what you want to do with our FREE Pendant LITE!

Why will you want the GIAlife Pendant LITE in your life? Because today's toxic wireless world requires strengthened mental, emotional and physical resilience. Independent tests and countless GIAlife Pendant users have validated that the energetically functional GIA Pendants provide that very resilience in an effective manner. See, stress acts as an age-accelerator, as well as compromises our health, immune system, and our body's natural resistance to negative influences. One of the major external stressors in our environment is Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). GIAlife Pendants use the proprietary ERT Technology to provide you with a bio-energetic resource to deal with debilitating stress. Experience for yourself the unique bio-field upport qualities of the GIALife Pendant LITE - for FREE!

SAVE $25 Off A Raindrop Technique Massage Session

Take advantage of the FREE pendant offer above, and receive $25 dollars off a Raindrop session.  Offer expires 7/31/16.

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