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Can Glucosamine Really Help with Joint Discomfort?

Have you heard of the bone broth craze? Many people swear by the beneficial

Glucosamine for join discomfort

properties of bone broth, claiming

that the soup has helped to alleviate

a variety of different disorders. That’s

likely because bone broth is high in

glucosamine, a chemical naturally

found in our bodies that helps to protect our joints and lower inflammation of

various types.

If complicated soup-making isn’t your thing, you might wonder whether

glucosamine is available in a simple, convenient supplement. Well, the

answer is yes! It’s even included in our MotionPlus supplement, for that very

reason. So far, we have learned that glucosamine supplementation can help

in the following four ways.

Joint health. As we age, it is normal to lose cartilage around our joints.

Glucosamine can slow down this deterioration, and lower chronic

inflammation. Since the loss of cartilage can increase pressure and friction on

joints, a glucosamine regimen can also help to manage symptoms of

osteoarthritis. It is not a cure, but can lead to significant improvements.

Digestion. You might have heard of “leaky gut”, a condition in which

undigested particles (such as gluten and certain toxins) cross the lining of the

digestive tract and get into the bloodstream where they don’t belong. At that

point, an immune response is triggered in the body, leading to problems such

as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, and arthritis. Glucosamine

has been shown to help repair damaged tissue in the gut, and can lead to

improvements in these conditions.

TMJ symptoms. TMJ is an inflammation of the jaw, which can lead to jaw

and neck pain, headaches, and sleeping difficulties. Glucosamine can help to

alleviate this inflammation and result in a reduction of TMJ symptoms.

Bone pain. Glucosamine also aids in bone healing, so those with low bone

density, pain, or a history of fractures can also benefits from

supplementation. It might even help to speed up recovery from bone injuries

such as fractures.

It’s important to remember that no supplement is 100 percent safe for

everyone; however, glucosamine has been shown to carry a low risk of side

effects or interactions. If you’re allergic to shellfish, check the labels on all

supplements to ensure that you aren’t using one made from those sources.

Click here to learn more about glucosamine and our Motion+ product

or contact us. We can help you understand how supplementation might help


by iFit Zone Team


Bonnie Ellen

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