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  • Bonnie Ellen

Lose Weight And Win Money!

Venita lost 52 pounds with GIA Trim!

Did you enter 2017 with a body you're proud of?

Would you like to say goodbye to some of those unwanted holiday pounds?

Or better yet, how about a bikini body by Spring & and a chance to win some cash?

Well, here's your chance.

GIA Wellness just announced their 2017 transformation challenge with $1700 in cash/prizes up for grabs.

That means you can lose weight and win money!

GIATrim is based on three simple, yet highly effective steps:

  • Gently CLEANSE your body

  • Effectively CURB your appetite

  • Use LEAN Protein as your meal replacement - to keep caloric profile and intake at the proper levels, so you can lose weight, while maintaining lean muscle mass.

GIATrim is the most healthy and effective weight loss systems I've ever seen. This is primarily because of of three things:

  1. It's pure, simple & nature-based ingredients

  2. Both the liquid CLEANSE and CURB is powered by GIA's revolutionary single-file alignment technology (SFA) - designed to support optimal nutrient absorption and utilization - and all GIATrim products are bio-energized with GIA's proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT)

  3. The "H.E.A.R.T" of GIATrim provides extraordinary support in addressing the potential psychological reasons which can cause people to overeat and/or being unable to release their unwanted weight.

If you're looking for a real solution to losing a few pounds or 50+ pounds, or maybe you just want to improve your health and build lean muscle mass, like me, then take a few minutes to learn more about GIATrim's transformation challenge and how you can WIN Big!

Blessings, Bonnie Ellen :)

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