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Super Hydration: The Benefits of Single File Aligned Water

Whether you’re reading weight loss articles or books on general wellness, one piece of advice seems to pervade every piece of literature on human health: Drink more water!

We know that hydration is critical to our health. From weight loss to chronic disease management to just plain staying alive, adequate water intake is essential to our well-being. Just look at this list of adverse health conditions which result from, or get worse due to inadequate hydration:

  • fatigue

  • weight gain

  • worsening allergies and asthma

  • high blood pressure

  • skin disorders

  • digestive problems

  • constipation

  • joint pain and stiffness

  • high cholesterol

  • bladder and kidney inflammation

  • premature aging

  • chronic headaches

  • mood symptoms like crankiness

Considering the fact that inadequate hydration can negatively impact every function of your body, it’s easy to see why “drink more water” is included in nearly everything ever written about human health.

But is it really that simple? Drinking more water is a good start, sure, but what happens if you can’t properly absorb that water? At best, you aren’t really making any headway toward solving your health problems.

Water is necessary to every cell in the body. When we drink water, it circulates via our bloodstream and is distributed to all of our cells. When it reaches its destination, water is absorbed through tiny holes in the cell wall, which are designed to allow nutrients to flow in, and waste products to flow out.

A problem arises, though, from the molecular structure of water. Water molecules are arranged in “clumps”, and therefore it is difficult for them to pass through your cell walls. That might explain why simply drinking more water doesn’t always result in adequate hydration. You’re drinking, but all of the water is not being absorbed by your body!

Now imagine that your water molecules are aligned in a single-file structure, so that your cells can readily absorb much more of the water that you drink. You’ve addressed the intake problem, and now you’ve addressed the absorption problem as well. It’s easy to see how you could reap much more benefits of adequate hydration. In fact, we wouldn’t call this “adequate hydration”, but super hydration!

So how do you alter your water, making it easier for your body’s cells to properly absorb it? Contact us for more information, and we’ll be happy to show you just how simple our superior hydration system is.

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