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  • Dr. Priscilla Grant ND

7 Autumn Health Tips

You are probably feeling and shifting in many ways in your life by now: Sleep, inner thoughts, diet, movement, and focus. Here are some ideas to support you through this wonderful time of year !!!

  1. Silence daily. It is natural for us to go within. To just be. Please rest the mind for a while by taking 5 minutes a day (or more!) and sit in a chair with eyes closed and just breathe. Calm and healing will ensue. Quieting the mind allows us to hear. Our Higher Self wants us to be still at times so we may hear the Inner Guidance which always has our highest good in heart.

  2. Consider a week of vegetable and fruit juices and liquified soups. Lots of liquids full of nutrient density will cleanse the body for winter making a stronger immune system. Make veggie soups and liquefy them. Eat lots of warm drinks and teas. Everything liquid will allow your body to really cleanse. This is not about being hungry at all. Please use organic and non-GMO whenever possible.

  3. Exercise – walks, yoga, tai chi, stretching, and strengthening exercise or weights. We want our body strong and our weight at a good number. Movement releases endorphins too, yeah !!!! Moving our body keeps the blood clean by pumping the lymphatic system.

  4. Eat more naturally fermented foods (eat what works for you) like raw fermented vegetables, kefir, miso, etc. and perhaps a pre-probiotic formula that you test well for keeps the digestion healthy. Remember to Lean Test everything because your body is the “all knower” when it comes to what resonates positively. This goes for food, drinks, supplements, jewelry, lotions, makeup, toiletries, etc. Everything is energy, and we either will benefit or not with what we put on or in our body. The Lean Test is a lifelong, fabulous tool to use all the time.

  5. Get out unhealthy emotions …. If you feel overwhelmed, wound up, ungrounded; be still and let them out OR physically/actively move them out. Just please try not to stuff them inside, which brings stress at all levels.

  6. Daily baths. Soaking with salt, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda. Scrub every inch of your skin with a washcloth or loofa. Dry brushing is good. We want to clean and open the skin, besides relaxing and releasing in a warm tub.

  7. Spend time with people who uplift and inspire!!!! It does take a village for every human on this planet to thrive. So, go have some fun, expose yourself to culture, spend time in collaboration with those that you enjoy. Community is what brings us back to ourselves and makes the world a happier place. If you think you are the only one who is having a struggle here and there (and you aren't), just reach out and connect with a few people of like heart and mind and voila you have community !!! Living a solitary, hermetic life is not natural for humans. Share your gifts with others and receive from them.

Organs of Focus for Autumn:

Lungs (yin) and Large Intestines (yang). They are paired organs. If one is out of balance, so too is the other.

Lungs (can hold grief, worry and sadness). The breath of Life. We all feel these emotions, but the key is to not store them in our bodies. I used to have bronchitis or pneumonia every single winter until about age 45 …… until I released my old sadness and grief. I have had healthy lungs every since, truly! So, feel the emotions, but then breathe them out, please. Deeply breathe; we tend to shallow breath which is not giving our body the oxygen it needs; and the lungs want to open more. Breathe like this: Begin inflating your belly with the inhale, which then naturally inflates the lungs. Then exhale fully in reverse. Do this intentionally for 8 breaths, and assess how you feel. "Breathe in LET, exhale GO."

Large Intestines (emotion of letting go, control). The fountain of Youth. When we really let go, we are then in trust and faith about all things. This is so freeing, light; literally and otherwise. Plenty of water daily, following the food combination rules for good digestion (see below), eliminating foods that bring the large intestines out of balance (like dairy, sugar, and wheat), and good healthy bowel flora is how to support this elimination organ.

Cleansing these organs: Deeply breathe to oxygenate blood which then carries oxygen to the entire body and all 100 trillion cells. Deep exhalations get rid of carbon dioxide and toxic emotions. Eating well, eliminating smoking and foods that harm or inflame the body help strengthen the body and allow for proper normal, daily detoxification. We are a beautifully detoxifying body!

Happy harvest time ..... abundance abounds. So do miracles!

Priscilla Grant ND

Certified Biofeedback Specialist


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