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Coyote Attacks My Lil Sir Angel

If you would have told me that my first blog post for TBDW would be titled “Coyote Attacks My Lil Sir Angel” I would have thought you were joking. But none the less, here I am.

I am writing this with such a grateful heart because my story could have ended so much differently. So let me take you back to a week ago tonight. It was approx. 8:30 pm and I was sitting in my office working on my computer and I kept hearing Caesar, my bull mastiff/lab mix outside barking. Then I heard what sounded like a squeal. At the time I was so into what I was doing that I didn’t even really think about what was going on. But within a few minutes I felt impressed to go let the dog in.

I went outside and called Caesar, who came immediately running inside. As I was headed back to my office I looked and saw that Lil Sir Angel (I’ll just refer to him as Angel going forward) was not where he usually lays. So I went back to the door and called for Angel while I listened to our other dog, Bernie, barking his head off and what sounded like him chasing something. Within seconds I saw Angel coming from the south end of the property. But something didn't seem right.

And it wasn't. His tail was down and he seemed very nervous and kept looking back. But he kept coming toward me. When he got up to the porch and under the light I saw a terrified look on his face and could see blood. I knew immediately that something terrible happened – but what? I grabbed him up and took him into the house and called for help.

We live on five acres in the high desert above Palm Springs, CA with two of the acres fully fenced, with barbed wire at the top, and thought our animals were safe. We were wrong.


Now normally when there are issues with my pets I take care of them at home with natural remedies – which has saved my thousands of dollars over the years, but this time it was a situation I felt I needed help. Angel was bleeding (from where I couldn’t tell for sure due to his fur) and terrified. He would not let me touch him for nothing. We made it through the night and went to the vet first thing in the morning.

The vet confirmed what I had started thinking may have happened. And the headline reads...

“Coyote Attacks My Lil Sir Angel”

Yes, my little 12 pound Pomeranian was bit across the face and was punctured in the throat on the left side and just by his right eye. Can you say miracle! By the grace of God his wounds were minimal, compared to what could have been, and he is still here to shower me with his amazing personality and unconditional love.

One of the chilling parts about what happened is that just before I went to get the dogs I found out that my mom’s dogs were acting funny so she let them out. Her Chihuahua, Ginger, went out a few feet and came running back inside, but Bernie took off like a bullet as if after something. It is my true belief that if it wasn’t for Bernie being let out at that very instant, Angel would not be with me today. Bernie, one of the pits we rescued and fostered and then finally adopted, was my Angel’s angel. I firmly believe that he chased off the coyote(s) and saved my fur-baby.

Sadly, there are many whose pets have been attacked by a coyote, but didn’t have a happy ending like mine and my heart truly goes out to you. Please be aware that if you live in an area where coyotes reside and have small pets you will want to take extra precautions to protect them. A 5-6 foot fence is nothing for a coyote, even with barbed wire across the top. And having a large dog outside didn’t deter them either. I almost had to learn the hard way and it is my hope that from me sharing my experience your beloved fur-baby(s) will hopefully escape a coyote attack.


I feel so blessed to be able to share my story with you, especially today. Not only is Angel 8 years old today, but it’s been a week since his coyote attack and he’s healing exceptionally well. Even though I had to spend over $600 on vet bills I still saved hundreds more using simple and natural THRIVE solutions at home. And look at my boy... in less than 7 days after Angel's coyote attack the swelling and bruising is gone.

Life is full of curve balls. Instead of Angel getting to being pampered by his amazing groomer, Melissa, at The Pet Hotel at Barkingham Palace, he had to spend it at the vet's office. But by the grace of God he is alive and well and now has a BIG story to tell (or his mommy does). :)

If you have a miracle story you'd like to share and/or if you’d like to learn what I did that allowed Angel to heal exceptionally fast and how these THRIVE solutions can help you and your pets THRIVE, I’d love to hear from you.

Health & Blessings,

Bonnie Ellen :)

"Life is good because God is great"

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