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Safe Technology Expert Advises Protection Against Wireless Radiation

In a recent TEDx Talk, safe technology advocate Jeromy Johnson asked the audience a simple question: Did you know that every smart phone manual includes fine print that instructs you to never put the phone within one inch of your body? The auditorium of 2,000 audience members was momentarily filled with awkward silence. Most people don’t even read their smart phone manuals, much less know it includes warnings about device’s safety!

People are indeed being harmed by wireless technology, and there is enough science to back up this claim. In particular, children are especially vulnerable to harm, because their bodies are still developing and they will be exposed to this technology all of their lives. Johnson shared the results of a study which reported on the common symptoms experienced by people who suffer from overexposure to wireless radiation:

  • insomnia

  • headaches

  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

  • fatigue

  • cognitive disturbance

  • irritability and stress

Many people suffering from these symptoms have found life unbearable. There is nowhere that they can safely live or work. Even some who have found a safe place to live are disappointed to discover cell towers being built nearby, and are forced to move once again.

But doesn’t the FCC protect us? Unfortunately, no. The regulatory organization is using studies that are twenty years old, many of which are influenced by the technology industry. About 70 percent of independent research studies showed negative effects from wireless radiation, while only 32 percent of industry-funded studies demonstrated similar findings. Johnson reminded the audience that the tobacco industry once funded studies that “proved” their products were not harmful to our health. And we all know how that eventually played out!

Science shows that even those of us who aren’t yet feeling symptoms are still affected by this technology. Luckily, science also provides us with ways to protect ourselves from the potential harm caused by wireless technology.

  1. Don’t keep your cell phone close to your body.

  2. When you aren’t using your phone, put it on airplane mode.

  3. Use ethernet rather than wifi in your home, or at least put your wifi on a timer so that it shuts off at night.

  4. Put data on a kid’s tablet, and then turn off their wifi access.

  5. Opt out of smart meters in your home.

  6. Create a safe sleeping space to allow your body to rejuvenate– turn off wireless devices, unplug things, turn off baby monitors.

Johnson is dedicating his career to developing safer technologies, but in the meantime we can all take the above steps to protect ourselves. In addition, consider installing a small chip on your smart phone and other devices, to neutralize wireless radiation so that it can’t harm you. Contact us for more information on this chip, and we will share information on a technology that will protect you and your family from the harmful effects of wireless radiation.

You can watch the full TEDx Talk here:

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