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Take Time For A Positive Pause

Live to spread goodness


Live each moment with integrity, and you’ll find value and goodness in every experience. Make truth your priority and let your life gain from its great power.


Fully benefit from life’s goodness by fully committing yourself to uphold it. As tempting as it can be to cheat others, you cannot do so without cheating yourself more.


The way you treat people is a major part of the way you treat yourself. Act always with respect toward others, and you’ll live with great respect for yourself.


The most loving, compassionate, generous activities are the most enriching activities. Live to spread goodness, and you’ll spend your moments immersed in goodness.


Being truthful feels right because it is right. Being genuinely helpful feels good because it is good.


Align yourself with the power of life’s highest values. And live at your highest, most fulfilling level.


— Ralph Marston

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