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Genomic Testing & Chronic Care Mgmnt.

Taking Care of Physicians and their Patients Nationwide

Are you a primary care provider who would like to increase your profitable revenue and overall patient care, with no upfront costs?

GenLab Solutions can help you accomplish this:


  1. By providing powerful and preventive genetic screenings (Genomic testing) that allow for a higher quality of patient care.


  2. By having MassCare place Care Liaisons including Clinical Pharmacists and Medical Assistants to maximize the value of preventative services.  MassCare’s preventive services drive lifestyle and behavior changes to increase quality outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs.

What Could A Clinical Pharmacist Do For Your Practice?













Our mission is to provide prompt, high-quality, and comprehensive personalized health care services through pharmacogenetic and other molecular testing services to our physician clients and patients. Our goal is to empower every medical professional and patient with specific knowledge to properly treat, prescribe, and dose patients’ symptoms and conditions through the provision of these services. Equally important is the integrity with which we conduct our internal business practices and our relationships with ordering physicians, other practitioners, and business partners.




Our focus is to assist providers, managed care organizations, hospitals, and other healthcare entities in their efforts to make the best possible therapeutic decisions for patients through the implementation of personalized medicine.

Got questions or need assistance, contact me today or CLICK HERE to learn more.

Bonnie Ellen Henderson
Independent Lab Associate


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