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Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
Articles & Research

“There is no question EMFs have a major effect on neurological functioning. They slow our brain waves and affect our long-term mental clarity. We should minimize exposures as much as possible to optimize neurotransmitter levels and prevent
deterioration of health”.

-- Eric Braverman, MD

The alarm has been sounding for quite some time now re: Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) dangers.  Below are some additional articles, studies and videos to better help understand how serious of an issue this really is and why you NEED to take action now to safeguard yourself and your family!


  "Brain tumors now account for more deaths among children and those under 40 than any other cancer."

Studies & Videos:


"Electromagnetic radiation may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced this century... all the more dangerous, because it is invisible and insensible.”
-- Dr. Andrew Weil

"The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation" -- Dr Devra Davis

I hope that this very short summary about the dangers of EMR is enough to make you want to take  action to safeguard yourself from the dangers of EMR.  Safe or not, technology is here to stay.  But let's be wise embrace SAFE technology use.   

Don't suffer another moment, because rather you realize it or not you are.  It's time to take action and neutralize the effects of your exposure to harmful radiation with the ONLY patented and proven solution available, while supporting the body's resilience to stress at the same time.  It's time to protect yourself and your family (especially your children) and THRIVE in this toxic wireless world.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question or need assistance.  I want nothing more than to see you THRIVE.

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."

-- Psalms 139:14

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