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Creating Wealth from Home... or The Beach!

"If you don't build your dreams someone will
hire you to build theirs."

Creating Wealth and The Life You Desire Is Possible!

Have you ever wondered why most people struggle financially while some people just keep getting wealthier?  My goal is to expose common problems we all face and then offer solutions that can literally change your financial destiny in a very short period of time.

Did you know that most financial planners estimate that you will need nearly 2 million dollars saved to retire with a income of 50k to cover your annual living expenses. 

Are you financially fit and on track o having that 2 million dollar nest egg?

Let’s do a little exercise to find out. 

  • Pick the age that is closest to yours below:

30                           40                           50                           60

  • If you are paid weekly, pick the number that corresponds with your age and write it down:

1,820                     1,300                     780                         260

  • If you are paid bi-weekly, pick the number below that corresponds with your age:

910                         650                         390                         130

  • Now write down your actual Weekly Take Home Pay.

  • Now multiply your Pay Cycles by your Take Home Pay.

What is that number?


Based on the value of your working life does your retirement amount of 2 million dollars seem...



If you chose impossible, as most do, then let’s see how we can change that.

Have you ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki?  He is a compelling entrepreneur and motivational speaker who wrote a powerful book called Rich Dad Poor Dad.  And in this book he talks about the Cash Flow Quadrant to help people see where they are compared to where they could to be.

As you can see from the illustration above:

Employee (E)

– Has a job

  • Wants safety.

  • Example: engineer, IT specialist, fast food worker.

Self-Employed (S)

– Owns a job.

  • More responsibility

  • Works longer hours, usually makes more money.

  • Example: consultant, personal trainer, realtor, small business owner

Business Owner 

– Owns a SYSTEM that earns money

  • People work with you to create wealth

  • True Freedom

Investor (I)

– Owns INVESTMENTS that earn money

  • Your money works for you to create wealth

  • True Freedom


Unless you have a lot of cash upfront to invest...


The Key to Creating Wealth Is to Become a Cash Flow Business Owner.


“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts
than 100% of my own efforts.”  

-- J. Paul Getty

Did you know that...

You would have to have 2,000,000 in the bank earning 3% interest to have a residual monthly cash flow of $5,000 a month?

It’s easy to see why so many are suffering financially, isn’t it?

Now for those who think owning real estate is the answer, let’s look at these figures...

You’d have to own 20 properties that bring you in $250 a month positive cash flow (while being $4 million in debt) to have a residual monthly cash flow of $5,000 a month.

So, do you have $4 million to invest in properties?  The answer is probably no.  Most people don’t.  And most of the ones that do own a cash flow business.

So what is the answer to your cash flow problem?

The cash flow business of the 21st century is NETWORK MARKETING!

Come discover Why Networking Marketing is the way to create wealth from home.

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