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Why Network Marketing

"Residual income means never having to start over."

-- "Big Al" Schreiter

Freedom, Fun and Fulfillment!

As you learned in Creating Wealth From Home, the best way to turn your financial situation around and have a solid PLAN B by becoming a cash flow business owner within the billion dollar Network Marketing industry. 

Below are just a few of the reasons why thousands everyday join a Network Marketing Cash Flow Business:   


  • Freedom to work from home

  • Freedom to work for yourself, but not by yourself

  • Freedom to work when you want and where you want

  • No inventory

  • No paperwork

  • No employees

  • No experience required – but must be teachable

  • Incredible tax benefits

And here is one of the best parts... UNLIMITED income potential!

Plus, if you’re with the right company you’ll have full training and support (including an internal personal development program) all available to help ensure your success.


Is Network Marketing a pyramid scheme?  


Honestly... if you think about it, the whole world operates under the shape of a pyramid.    Sadly, many, many are making discussions about their future based of really bad misinformation that’s just a lie told to keep people from achieving their dreams.

There is an important distinction between legal network marketing organization and illegal pyramid schemes.  pyramid schemes will be closed down by the authorities and their owners prosecuted for fraud because they do not offer any real product or service that is consumed by their members.

Conversely, network marketing organizations  only reward their members on the consumption of a legitimate product or service.  They rely heavily on the customer who feels compelled compelled to share their product and experience.  That’s why so many of the effective, innovative and life-changing products come out of this industry.


Another misconception about the industry is that it’s only the person at the top that makes all the money.  Well, this is what billionaire Donald Trump has to say... 

“I’m often asked if network marketing is a pyramid scheme.  My reply is that a conventional corporation is really the pyramid.  A corporation only has one person at the top, generally the CEO.  And everyone else is below them.”

The truth is, in Network Marketing Everyone Is At The Top of Their Organization.

Here is the reality.  The Network Marketing industry is the only industry where average people can live an above average and extraordinary life.  That’s why Robert T. Kiyosaki says:

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks,
everyone else looks for work.”

I encourage you to marinate on that quote for a minute.  You're talking and sharing your likes and recommendations everyday anyways.  Why not get paid for it?     

A few more fun facts about the Network Marketing industry.

  • It surpassed $182 Billion in global sales in 2014

  • Independent distributors worldwide grew to 99.7 Million in 2014

  • It is practiced in over 100 countries worldwide

  • It produces more 6-figure income earners and millionaires than any other industry.

  • Home-based businesses report an 85% success rate, compared to a 5% success rate for traditional small businesses like retail stores and restaurants.

  • 80% of all women who make over 100K a year do it through Network Marketing and Direct Sales

  • Network Marketing is one of the fastest segments in the Global Economy 


Are All Network Marketing Companies Are the Same?

No, unfortunately.  Just like not all traditional business are good or ran with integrity, neither are all are Network Marketing companies.  It is important that you do your research and find the company that you will be proud to partner with.      

Watch this short video to get a summary of why you don’t want to miss out on the “perfect vehicle for today’s entrepreneur” and what five things to look for in selecting a solid company.

If you're tired of building some else's dreams and want to start creating more freedom in your life, then we'd love for you to ...

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