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"MRET" Technology, As Seen in the "Truth About Cancer" Documentary 

Both the GIA i-H2O Activation System ("MRET-Water") and the GIA Cell Guard ("MRET-Nylon") was recently featured in a highly popular documentary called "The Truth About Cancer".  


Please watch the videos below to see the clips from the film and find out why the GIA i-H20 Activation System and GIA Cell Guard have become a global must-have in the wellness industry.  The MRET technology and other patented GIA technologies can significantly impact your health and well-being allowing you to truly THRIVE in this toxic wireless age.

"True health begins with intelligently addressing the areas of Hydration, Energy and Nourishment."​

Discover GIA's Inspired Wellness Technology

GIA i-H20 Activation System ("MRET-Water") by Inventor Dr. Igor Smirnov.

How does the GIA i-H2O Activation System work?  Simple Version.


Enjoy this short, fun, animated video to find out how!

“Over the years, thousands of my patients have – unbeknownst to them – suffered from what we call UCD – ‘Unintentional Chronic Dehydration’. Since introducing them to the super-liquid GIA i-H2O System, they’ve experienced first-hand what superior hydration feels and looks like. The results with i-H2O have been beyond impressive.” *

"In just seven (7) weeks of spraying and drinking i-H20 Water, the dry, flaky spots on my elbows are gone, wrinkles are starting to become less noticeable and the best part is that I've lost almost 15 pounds. I like I'm 18 again!!!...i-H20 Water is the best anti-aging program I've ever seen!"



R.P. - Lakeside, CA

GIA Cell Guard ("MRET-Nylon") by Inventor Dr. Igor Smirnov.

How does the patented GIA Cell Guard work?  Simple Version.


Enjoy this short, fun, animated video to find out how!

"The difference that I have seen when using the i-H20 with my patents has been absolutely extraordinary.  You really have to try it to believe what the i-H20 can do."

Dr. G.P., DDS, Kalispell, MT

"When I was first introduced to the GIA Cell Guard, I was skeptical regarding it's validity.  However, since I put the Cell Guard on my cell phone, my ear doesn't get hot after continued cell phone use, and I feel less stressed."

J.L., San Diego, CA

"I just have to report about the water - my knee pain is completely gone, I have tons of energy, I'm not craving food at night or sweets, my complexion looks like I've juice fasted for a week...and a lot of other things. I can't believe how amazing this is. My dad and mom are drinking this too, and they both have incredible things to say about it. My mom's swollen ankles aren't swollen anymore. I'm am a believer..."


To learn more about the power of and science behind the MRET Technology, please check out Dr. Igor Smirnov's books:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you're ready to take action you can...

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